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Dolphin Encounter

Bahamas Dolphin Swim

Dolphin Swim Overview

Dolphin Encounter Dolphin Swim program experience a truly unique Bahamas tour opportunity,  of combined playful and educational interaction with a fantastic group of ocean animals in the crystal clear waters of  a natural island lagoon.  When you select the Dolphin Swim Program you will begin with a fun and engaging orientation, that briefly covers the wonders of dolphins, animal training techniques, ocean conservation and Watchable Wildlife guidelines.

With your lifejacket on, you are ready to experience the exhilaration of a dolphin kiss and the warm fuzziness  as you hug a dolphin.  Sing and Dance with our Aqua stars and be amazed at the strength of the dolphins as you are propelled across the lagoon in the Grand Finale encounter – the Footpush!    During this program, the focus of the trainers is to allow everyone willing to enjoy the optimal degree of interaction with the dolphins, while teaching you about our amazing dolphins in their natural habitat. And whats an awesome adventure with out memories  –  our professional photo & video staff know how to capture your exciting swim with the dolphins in the Bahamas, so you can take them back home to family and friends.

If a family friendly, full day adventure on a lagoon island is a part of your dream vacation in Nassau, Bahamas, than go ahead and book your Dolphin Swim Program with Dolphin Encounter Blue Lagoon Island Bahamas

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Dolphin Encounter

Dolphin Encounter Overview

Blue Lagoon Island Bahamas

Here’s what you can expect in the Dolphin Encounter Program, as guest of the dolphin habitat your unique and exciting experience up close and personal with an Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin can begin now.  As you observe the dolphin habitat you will earn lots of important facts about dolphins and the ocean they live in.

Get ready as your program begins with a fun, interactive and captivating orientation that briefly covers the natural history of Dolphins , animal training techniques, ocean conservation and Watchable Wildlife Guidelines.

Positioned on the Dolphin Encounter float, you will stand on a waist-deep sub-merged platform and experience truly heart-warming kiss, hug and aqua dance from a dolphin, and of course you cannot miss the opportunity for  a dolphin  rub down. In the Dolphin Encounter program your trainer will combine elements of hands-on contact, education, fun, laughter and good old aqua adventure for an experience you and your family will always remember.

And do not concern yourself with how you will capture these memories, because our Photo and Video professionals are standing by to capture your encounter so that you have the opportunity to take home souvenirs of your Bahamas Dolphin Encounter experience.

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Beach Day

Beach Day Overview

There is nothing like a beach day in the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas where you swim in the calm lagoon, relax on the beach, enjoy water sports, grilled lunch, refreshing tropical drinks or just do nothing but watch the coconut palms sway as you lounge in a double hammock.  Just what a Bahamian vacation day is supposed to be like.

Start our early  by coming over on an earlier boat departure or stay after your program and enjoy beautiful Blue Lagoon Beach one of the most well-known, of Nassau’s natural attractions. It’s no rush, at your leisure, take in some Volleyball, Beach Soccer, Ping Pong Tables, Board Games, and the most beautiful lagoon you have ever seen! In addition, Kayaks and Water Bikes can be rented, or enjoy snorkeling for an extra fee. Plan your day ahead. Our reservation staff is here to make the most of your day!

It’s “No Problem Man” whether you want to lie in a hammock, swim in the lagoon, enjoy land and water sports, have lunch or purchase a refreshing cocktail at our Tropical Lagoon Bar, there are plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Make a day of it!

All guests that participate in a Dolphin Encounters interactive marine mammal program receive FREE access to our private lagoon beach and facilities. Enjoy the seclusion and natural beauty of Blue Lagoon Island Bahamas for the day. Water sports, lunch and drinks from our beach bar are available at an additional charge.

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